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Find your Voice, Stand with Confidence, Speak with Clarity … & Impact.

Lisa Vanderkwaak is an empowering professional speaker, who offers experience and expertise.  Inspirational and charismatic, she provides talks that improve the skills and confidence of her audience. Learn more about Lisa’s Keynote Speaking opportunities.

As a Speaking Coach, Lisa is a leader in working with women in high-level positions who have a need or desire to fine-tune their abilities as communicators, helping them speak and lead with courage and confidence.

Whether training one-on-one or leading larger groups, Lisa provides a solid set of skills and techniques to improve the communication capabilities of you, your staff, or your organization.  Talk to Lisa for more information!

How to Avoid Losing your Audience

Have you ever listened to a speaker and at some point started zoning out? You are not alone!  If you are the speaker, this is one of the things you want to AVOID– having your audience disengage, tune you out, or worse – just walk out! We live in an age of...
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Her Speech Changed History

One Speech that Changed the Future for Women and Children!   An article in the local newspaper caught my attention today, as it reminded us that today, April 16, marked 100 years since Alberta women were granted the right to vote. In her article, Paula Simon...
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5 Confidence Stealers that can Sabotage your Success!

Research shows that having confidence still remains an important, though elusive, characteristic for many women seeking promotions in the workplace? A recent article by FORTUNE  reporting on the findings of a study conducted by KPMG,  revealed that 63% of respondents...
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How to Lose your Audience

4 Biggest Mistakes Women Speakers Make and How to Avoid Them!