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I'm like a Diamond Miner who helps unearth the "rough content" and turn the "raw material" into a "riveting message" that transforms lives and launches you as a speaker onto a path of prosperity & fulfillment. What took me decades to learn, will only take you days when you apply the practical tools in my speaker training programs. Start with my

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Hi, I'm Lisa Vanderkwaak

(Pronounced "van-der-kwok". I get asked it a lot)

"I coach Kingdom Women Leaders & Entrepreneurs who want to become Exceptional Speakers so they can Shine in their place of unique Authority, Authenticity, and Anointing and be a Powerful Voice of Influence in their world!"

Even though today I'm often referred to as a communication expert and a transformation catalyst and have had the privilege of coaching and mentoring 1000's of women leaders, communication did not come easy for me.

You see, there was a time when I was so scared to speak even in a small group discussion. I went from being terrified to speak to now training women to speak.

The Kingdom Woman Speaker Podcast

Do you want to be the kind of speaker that doesn't just give information but also

evokes transformation in the hearts and minds of your listeners.? (definitely tune in)

Lisa Vanderkwaak and her guests, share Stories, Strategies & Scriptural Principles to help you Expand your Capacity as a Kingdom Woman Speaker, so you can speak with confidence , clarity & transformational impact.

In addition to being a mom, wife, and lover of Jesus, Lisa is an international speaker, executive speaking coach, growth strategist and best-selling author of several books including, ”Speak with Impact: 52 Speaking Tips for Women to Build Confidence , Clarity & Influence”




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